The DAWG's on Duty! Patriot Views for TRUE AMERICANS!
The DAWG's on Duty! Patriot Views for TRUE AMERICANS!

More Audacity Of LIES - Obama AIDS Terrorism, Tries to Shift Blame to BP

ANOTHER 10 YEARS TO LIVE AND  HEALTHY AS A HORSE!! AND 270 innocent civilians, mostly Americans, murdered by Libyan agent, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, set free on compassionate grounds!


The Western World was shocked and outraged last year when the Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi Libyan agent, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, the only person to be tried and convicted for the Pan Am Flight 103 Bombing ...

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Nogales, AZ Border Violence – Border Trip Update

March 26- Deputy Police chief and bodyguard MURDERED near Nogales MALL, AZ.
June 26-Nogales police to carry guns while off duty after officers receive threats from drug smugglers.
July 1- 21 Die in Gun Battle Near U.S. Border in Nogales With Mexico.
DAWGONDUTY will be reporting from Nogales, AZ next week on BORDER VIOLE…NCE and Nationa…l Security.

OBAMA may be too afraid to go down there, but I AM NOT!!!

Nogales News – Mutiple Articles of Violence in Nogales, AZ and Border


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Border Violence & National Security - Border Trip

OBAMA refuses to go to TX, NM and AZ to check out the Border Violence and National Security Issues for securing our borders. SO... I AM GOING!! DAWGONDUTY will be reporting from El Paso, Nogales and New Mexico (locale TBD) on the border security issues and vids, pics and comments will be posted!

Please comment with any ...questions you may want answered while I down there!

El Paso Police Chief Responds To City Hall Shooting

Thank You,

Gina Garcia Brock

Take America Back PAC

SW Regional Captain


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On Facebook TONIGHT…MY Newest EXPERIENCE of a person seeking a friend request is MOHAMM NASER: This is NOT the first time this has happened, but I wanted to share something I felt relevant and disturbing! I do not know this person. However, I investigated his wall and info and found he is looking for WOMEN and a RELATIONSHIP. He is from LEBANON, associated with the family from the former parliamentary members of the country of LEBANON and the company of SAYFCO HOLDINGS. and << MORE >>

Mexicans say: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! -Boycotts vs. Beheadings? What would be Your Choice?

When CAPITALISM, a market-driven economic ideology, that CREATES JOBS that AMERICANS & IMMIGRANTS alike so desperately REQUIRE to ensure a stable and prosperous DEMOCRACY, and for which our society principles are founded upon, THEN WISER and COOLER HEADS will PREVAIL!
Even the Undocumented Mexicans continue to risk everything to come to America to flee the CRIME and DRUG CARTELS who control the government!  MEXICO has corrupt justice system, yet they issue a travel advisory on USA ...

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Obama speaks of “legalities” but his Administration refuses to uphold the US Constitution on National Security on SO MANY levels? The Arizona law is NOT about Immigration Reform, so his statement and argument are a red herring. It has been about securing the Borders and NATIONAL SECURITY! The US Government failed with the Virtual Fence and spent $672 million of taxpayer funds! When will this madness end? << MORE >>

LATINOS: PROTEST CRIME & CARTELS! NOT Laws Made to PROTECT Our National Security! Sincerely, Latina American!

You want the benefits and the rights of an American born citizen, but you are not willing to STAND AND DELIVER, or as Patrick Henry said so eloquently, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death!” Nevertheless, you will stand up and protest against the AZ Government, when they must try to protect the Citizens of the State, against violence being perpetrated because you stand silent, and allow with your silence, these crimes to continue against the peaceful and law-abiding persons of either Americans or Mexicans citizens on either side of the border. << MORE >>

Progressive Stole My Inheritance - California History: The Story of POMONA: The Palomares Family & Patrick Tonner

My grandfather always said, "We are rich plantation owners until the white man came and stole our land away."  Here I show you where my grandfather, the great-great grandson of Don Ignacio Palomares, a registered democrat and hardworking American of Spanish descent, whose culture and heritage were stripped away by progressives, never forgot about the history of his family.

However, due to the power of Woodrow Wilson's Progressive Policies, he insisted his children not speak Spanish or ...

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BEANER Go Back to Mexico! - How Progressivism Caught Me In A Quandary between my European and Latina Roots in the 1980's

 "BEANER BEANER!'  I was twelve years and in the seventh grade the first time I that word. I did not know what it meant!  I was born in a surburb of Los Angeles County, California, but grew up in Anaheim Hills, an affluent upper middle class neighborhood that was only less than an decade old when we moved there in 1976, when I was 7 years old. When we lived in Los Angeles County, I lived in ...

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Why Congress Was Granted Authority through Commerce Clause Precedent (And Violating the Constitution)

Tennessee Atty & CANDIDATE (R) for Congress Van Irion files lawsuit on behalf of citizens against Obamacare- CLIENTS top 10,000+

For those of you that just missed Van Irion's interview with Greta Van Sustern's On the Record, he is challenging the complete validity of the Health Care Law, not based on the provisions of the bill, but the entire LAW on Precedent on it constitutional validity. I'll explain more in ...

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